Books: Election Rules of Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra

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By Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD.

This Books Gives The Detail Information of Election Rules of Cooperative Housing Societies in Maharashtra


  • Latest Circular from Govt of Maharashtra
  • Housing societies can conduct elections if less than 200 members
  • Preparation of Electoral Roll
  • Eligibility of Members to vote in housing society election
  • One member, one Vote For Housing societies: Supreme Court
  • No Confidence Motion rule against Office Bearer of Housing Society: Bombay High Court

Author Name: Dr.Sanjay Chaturvedi LLB, Ph.D

ISBN No: 9788195148479

Category: Society

Available In:

In Hardcopy: No

In eBook: Yes

Current Edition: April 2021

Edition No: First

Language: English

No. of Pages: 60

Publish Date: 2021-05-04


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2 thoughts on “Books: Election Rules of Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra

  1. Hi,
    If member is out of town during the election process ,can he contest the elction .Can he fill the form for election before leaving the town. Member is from s/c category.
    Please give your expert opinion

    With Regards,
    G G Wagh

  2. If a flat of a member in a co-operative housing society is under dispute and the member is unable to even submit to the society any proof of her membership and Nothing is available clearly in society records. Then can such a member become a part of the core committee when a society is moving towards redevelopment as per the co-operative housing society rules.


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