Dr. Sanjay Murari Chaturvedi Profile

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Dr. Sanjay Murari Chaturvedi

PhD in Real Estate Finance From Mumbai University. 35  years’ experience in Real Estate Sector, Finance, Business Strategy, Networking and Assets Restructuring and research. Responsible for Content provided to Dow Jones, www.factiva.com. Research and data provided to MMRDA for Draft Regional Plan 2012-2032, CIDCO. Visiting faculty in Finance with IIM Ahmedabad, National Academy of Direct Taxes, MIT Pune, Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, NMIMS, Department of Commerce, Mumbai University, , Co-Chairman Board of Studies Niranjan Hiranandani School of Real Estate, Professor All India Institute of Local Self Government. 

Education Qualifications: B. Com. 

      B.Com  University of Mumbai

      DMC & J Bharti Vidya Bhavan

      LLB  University of Mumbai

      PhD  University of Mumbai

Subject Specialized in : 

Finance, Economics, Real Estate law, International Trade, Management, Public Affairs, Yoga.


Academic Experience 

      IIM Ahmedabad

      Visiting Faculty at National Academy for Direct Taxes

      Visiting Faculty NMIMS since 2001 till 2015

      Visiting Faculty Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai

      Visiting Faculty Willingkar Institute of Mgt.

      Faculty and Dean Real Estate Finance: Accommodation Times Institute of Real Estate Management

      Visiting Faculty Institute of Chartered Accountant of India

      Visiting Faculty All India Institute of Local Self Government

      Visiting Faculty Niranjan Hiranandani School of Real Estate

      Co-Chairman Board of Studies, Niranjan Hiranandani School of Real Estate

      Prof at All India Institute of Local Self Government

      Visiting Faculty in National Academy of Direct Taxes

      Visiting Faculty IIM Ahmedabad 

      Visiting Faculty Sri Aurobindo University, Institute of Law 

Work Experience

      1984 :   Accounting executive : Institute of Chartered Accountant, 
                                         Mumbai, Western Region Council

      1988 :    Zodiac Textiles, SBI Internal Auditor, Stock management for
                                         Hypothecation cases

      1990 :    S K Kamdar & Co. for Internal Audits of SBI

      1986 till date :  Director : Accommodation Times P. Ltd

      1999 till date :  Trustee, Accommodation Times Education and Research

      2002 till date : Director : Accommodation Times Media & Communications P.

      1986 till date :  Executive Editor : Accommodation Times

      2005 till date  Editor: Journal of Real Estate Management

      1999 till date :  Editor : Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Times

      1996 till date :  Editor and Content Head : www.accommodationtimes.com

      2003 :    Director & Host: Property Show Door Darshan II 13 Episode

      2019:   Project Director, All India Institute of Local Self Government

      2019:   Director Saptakala Media Pvt Ltd.

      2020   Editor: Spatakala Real Estate Law Journal

Books Authored

Real Estate Finance

: ISBN : 978-81-906914-3-7 & 978-81-951484-0-0

Real Estate Economics

: ISBN: 978-81-951484-5-5

Real Estate Valuation

:ISBN : 978-81-906914-4-4

Real Estate Statistics

: ISBN : 978-81-906914-5-1 & 978-81-951484-5-5

Housing Finance Manual

: ISBN : 978-81-906914-6-8

Principle & Practice of Real Estate

: ISBN : 978-93-81594-02-5 & ISBN : 978-81-951484-8-6

Land Mark Judgment of RERA

: ISBN: 978-81-936183-2-5

Transfer of Development Rights

: ISBN: 978-93-81594-00-1

How to Buy Agriculture Land

: ISBN: 978-81-906914-8-2

Society Redevelopment

: ISBN: 978-81-906914-9-9

Leave and License Rules and Model Lease Agreement in Maharashtra

: ISBN: 978-81-951484-2-4

Election Rules of Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra

: ISBN: 978-81-951484-7-9

Real Estate Entrepreneurship

: ISBN: 978-81-951484-3-1

Introduction to RERA for Real Estate Agents and Marketers

: ISBN: 978-81-951484-4-8

Membership Rights, Duties and Prerogatives in Hsg Soc in Maha

: ISBN: 978-81-943612-8-2

Acquisition of Real Estate by
NRIs/ OCIs/ Foreign Nationals of Non-Indian Origin in India

: ISBN: 978-81-943612-7-5


Landmark Judgements on Housing Society Matters in Maharashtra

:ISBN: 978-81-943612-6-8


:ISBN: 978-81-943612-5-1


:ISBN: 978-81-943612-4-4

Car Parking Rules In Maharashtra

:ISBN: 978-81-936183-5-6 & 978-81-943612-3-7

Society Redevelopment

:ISBN: 978-81-843612-1-3

रियल एस्टेट ब्रोकरेज कैसे पक्की करें ऑर क़ानून प्राप्त करें

:ISBN: 978-81-943612-9-9

Model Lease Agreement in MAHA

:ISBN: 978-81-951484-2-4

Real Estate Investment : Grey Gold


NRI Real Estate Investment and Procedure

: ISBN : 978-81-951484-1-7



Paper Submitted & Published 

      “Recession or Recess? Global Real Estate Trend” at International Commerce and Management Conference on Global Recession, Organised by Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai, Dec 2009.

      “Management Strategies for Controlling Terrorism and Disaster Management in the world” International Commerce and Management Conference on Management Strategies of Trade, Commerce and Industries in India, South Korea, China & USA: Global Perspectives. Organised by Department of Commerce , University of Mumbai, Jan 2009.

      National Commerce and Management Conference on Financial Risk, Uncertainty and Strategic Management; A global Perspectives, organised by Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai, Feb 2008

      “Internationalisation of Indian Financial Markets” at National Seminar organised by Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai, October 2008.

      “Issues in International Scenario; Special Economic Zone and Business Process Outsourcing. organised by Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai, Dec 2007

      NICMARC Journal on Real Estate Price Trend on Nov 2010.

      India Special Report by Khaleej Times published on 15 August 2010 titles “ prospects for the real estate sector in India for the current financial year in terms of demand and supply”

      “ Land is not less” paper published in Accommodation Times Vol.14 No.5 dated 16th July 1999

      “Slums will save Mumbai” article published in Accommodation Times Vol 14 No. 8 dated 16th Sept 1999

      “Super Built up Dragon eats your living space” paper published in Accommodation Times, Vol. 15 No. 5 dated 16th August 2000

      “Foreclosure in Housing Finance will prove havoc” article published in Accommodation Times Vol. 15 no. 7 dated 16th Oct 2000

      “Hidden Cost hoodwiniking flat purchasers. Paper published in Accommodation Times, Vol. 16 No. 10 dated 15th Nov 2001

      “Property Rates Analysis : Why value rise and Fall” paper published in Accommodation Times Vol. 16 No. 15 dated 16th January 2002.

      “Land in not less” Published in Accommodation Times Vol 23 No. 2 dated 30th April 2008

      “ Real Drop in Real Estate Rates” Published in Accommodation Times Vol. 23 No.7 dated 15th July 2008.

      “ Recessionary phase to stay: Correction phase started with big discounts” Accommodation Times Vol.23 no. 15 dated 15th Nov 2008

      “ Fixed v/s. Floating Rate of Interest on Housing Finance”

      Accommodation Times Vol. 23 no.19 dated 15th Jan 2009.

      “ Sale Volumes are up in Real Estate” Accommodation Times Vol 24 no.6 dated 30th June 2009.

      “Development Trend in Mumbai” Accommodation Times Vol.24 No11 dated 15th Sept 2009.

      “ Society Redevelopment Trend” Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Times, Vol. IV No. 7 Nov 2010.

      “Investment in Infrastructure can arrest growing Real Estate Price” Paper read at World Infrastructure Congress at Mumbai at Sahara Star Hotel on 15th October 2019.

Research Provided

Dow Jones (www.factiva.com), Goldman Sach, CRISIL, HSBC, KPMG, PwC, EY, ICICI, MMRDA, SRA, Income Tax Department, NAINA, CIDCO, AUDA, DDA, Government and Semi Govt housing agencies.

      Number of years teaching experience at SBM-NMIMS with subjects taught : 19 years, Real Estate Finance

      Details of conference papers presented in the last 7 years (2009-2019) : As Above

      Acquiring higher qualification (Doctoral or Professional qualification) : PhD from University of Mumbai.

      Details of any publications in the journals : Editor of “Journal of Real Estate Management”

      Counselor to HSBC NRI customers

      Forensic Reports to Fund Houses

      Drafted FAQs on MAHA RERA’s website

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