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By Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD

Module 1: Real Estate Management SWOT analysis Management of HR Management of Operations Management of Resources

Module 2: Real Estate Law Applicable Law and terminology RERA compliance Documentation and Drafting Understanding title (7/12 extract, 6/12, Property Card/ Revenue Survey) Due Diligence

Module 3: Real Estate Marketing Difference between Sales and Marketing Four Ps of Marketing Customer Behavior Exploring new markets and international destinations Market Research

Module 4: Real Estate Finance Funding options Deriving Break even and Cost of Fund Project Financing Cost Structure Accounting Standards

Author Name: Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD.

ISBN No: 9788195148431

Category: Real Estate

Available In:

In Hardcopy: No

In eBook: Yes

Current Edition: April 2021

Edition No: First

Language: English

No. of Pages: 146

Publish Date: 2021-05-03


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