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Bring home Football World Cup! Ahoy

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By Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD.

More than 120 billion population, 1/6th of the world, India deserves not only a place to play Football Finals but get the World title for Football champions.
Great talent and enthusiasm in the young Indian going in waste. Young India wants a chance to prove its potential to earn the world title in football. The sport is well played in India and we have regional and corporate sponsored teams as well. What is lacking a comprehensive strategy and infrastructure, international coaches who can teach us techniques and intricacies of the sport.
I have seen how Bangladesh got so near to world cup of cricket from a nowise. Cricketer Sandeep Patil went to coach them and now it is one of the best team in the world of cricket. Cricket is the game of rich who can afford to get gears, costly ball, a dedicated playground with well curated pitch. I am not talking about gully cricket. The costly game is only can be afforded by rich. Though I am die hard fan of cricket but in the urban centers one really can’t afford to book a pitch in ground. Football is common men game. What you require is just a ball and field. Government must consider to prepare a national team who can play international games with champions and international players in the team to coach. Better infrastructure and a national football body headed by some footballer who can dram to bring the Football World Cup to India. May be after two world cup, the team must be prepared for the third world cup.

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