Editorial : Don’t Blame Development for Global Warming

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By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi

A very interesting statistics published in newspaper on 6th April 2021 on global warming under titled “India sees 3rd warmest March in 121 years: IMD” on page 11 of Hindustan Times, Mumbai edition.

The news article reported in the very first line “The month of March this year was the third warmest in 121 years, after 2004 and 2010, with an average maximum temperature of 32.6 degree C 1.4 degree C above normal, the India Meteorological Department Said on Monday.”

In another para the news article further insert “The months of January and February were also the third warmest since 1901 when mean temperatures are considered and the second warmest in the past 120 years when minimum or early morning temperatures are considered, the IMD said in its earlier report.” This means that IMD had data of last 121 and they have recorded the third highest peak of the temperature in March 2021. The report also reported that average temperature increased as compared to period of 1981 to 2010.

Certainly, in 1981, a 40 years ago, Mumbai was not so developed and as per the MMRDA, the planning Authority, the population was just 42 Lakhs. Areas of suburbs were restricted to Bandra and Sion. The Extended suburbs were till Borivali and Mulund were having very thin population density.

I have seen archives of Mumbai, 121 year back Mumbai was then seven islands was not even developed beyond Mahim Bay. Thereafter, Mills were part of the ecological demographics feature of the city of Mumbai.

Question is, whether the development of city like Mumbai is the cause of Global Warming. Answer is when we had already two past peaks already at the time when there was no such huge development of the city of Mumbai, there was no correlation of temperature warming vis a vis development of city like Mumbai.

We have recorded highest peak of temperature even in 1981 when the city was not so developed. Then why to blame current situation. Even at the time when city was not so developed, we have witnessed the highest peak. Why to blame the development? What rationale environmentalist can give for such logic? When the temperature falls below the average, do we still blame it on development or so called “sustainable Development”?

It is like fluctuation in petrol prices. When it increases, government to be blamed. When it falls to lowest level, no one whisper. We cannot be selective in deriving at conclusions. How many “fair” research studies have been conducted which have corelated the development to the environment? What are the qualifications of the researchers? How did such so called research do validation of the primary data? What is the authenticity of the data collection agencies? Who have calculated variance in estimations and factual data?

These are the question we must ask ourselves. Casual statements like climate change is because of un audited development will not sustain. We have to find actual cause of climate change. May be cloud seeding. Artificial snow and rain in deserts? Using heaters to warm homes in cold places of earth. The study on use of heaters in cold weather must also be equally important if you compare it with green houses gases and methane omitted by air conditioners in warm places of earth. Every year, scientist warn us melting glaciers and hole in Ozone. Have any science ever quantified the glacier on poles of the earth? And then count it every year, year on year basis? It is a fashion to become critics of development and earn your fame and livelihood. But at the cost of actual development which this generation deserve, we cannot deprive them for want of our own interest.


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