Only “Vikas” will win

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By Sanjay Chaturvedi

Only Vikas will win in the forthcoming elections. People wants progress, good infra, jobs and markets. Cities and urban agglomerations have come up above caste creed gender and reservations. Young generation wants progress in every filed. Be it education, infrastructure, health care transport of communications. Sledging and bad mouthing , attacking personally and citing past history won’t work. Nation is convinced only on progress nothing else. The mood of nation aftermath of COVID 19 is to just work and earn.

Parties those who have thirst on progress and VIKAS have won in the recent times. Freebies won’t work as of now. Giving loan waivers, giving away monies in personal accounts and likewise. Slowly the generation is transforming form lower strata of the society to middle class who wants work, opportunities and good education to surge in life. Gone are the days where parties use to distribute money, bottles and likewise to lure their vote banks. The new generation is very educated and now increasing day by day in urban centres.

Emergence of Social Media have given a new edge of news carriers. People are well informed. And biggest part is the theory of “Short Memory of Public” is gone. The events keep rotating and in the social media platform, kept alive by netizens. It is difficult to make fool of people every time now. The polarization on caste creed, language and hate has not place in current politics.

Only thing which will win is VIKAS. The word is just not a phrase but it is a people’s movement. Who so ever going to promise VIKAS will win.

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