RERA Requires Amendment

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By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi

The RER Act 2016 which came into force in 2016 and had execution in 2017, now have matured after four years of existence. The Act has covered all the aspects of the real estate transaction process and real estate development process. But for the practicability, after interpretations in various ruling of Hon’ble Bombay High Court, Hon’ble Punjan and Haryana High Court, Hon’ble Alahabad High Court and matter pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court, the Act needs a pragmatic approach in various administrative and judicial jurisprudence of applicability of RERA Court through out the country.
Questions of Single bench, expertise of members and formation of bench were questioned. Now, we dont see any retrospective action but for enhancing confidence in the Authority, a futuristic decisions nd amendment in the Act is need of the hour.
RERA has become toothless, that is what media is reporting but have failed to report how many projects were attached and money recovered.
Time for the amendment for execution also need of the hour.


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