Vastu Shahshtra v/s Modern Architecture

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By Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi


The contradictory views of Vashtu Shahshtris and Modern Architecture is talk of the town. None of them believe and has faith in other’s point of view. There is no shahstra called Vastu Shahshtra in Hindu Methodology. Its modern profession based on common sense to optimize wind and light energy.

There are 108 main Upanishads which teach us about the ultimate goal of life. Sthapatya veda is Upaveda or subordinate veda which deals with Engineering, Architecture & Technology. Vastushastra is a subject in Sthapatya veda. Modern Vastu Consultants may or may not know this, is a different subject. If a doctor is a quack, then we cannot say Medical Science is fake. Modern Vastu consultants may not know original vedic Vastu Shastra is again a different matter. So we have to speak accordingly. There are 4 Main Vedas РRig veda, Yajur veda, Sama veda & Atharva veda. Accordingly there are 4 Upavedas:- Ayurveda, Gandharva veda, Dhanur veda & Sthapatya veda. Ayurveda РMedical science  Gandharva veda  Beautification, Cosmetology, Art, Poetry Dhanur veda РMilitary science Sthapatya veda -Engineering, Architecture, Technology. Vastu Shastra is a part of Sthapatya veda. Which has only two and half page of description of a house, windows and almirah. One of the five upanishad is sthapatya , it deals with architecture and 64 arts. But it had never said that what is preached by greedy so called vastushahtris

Just like medical science, can vastushahtra also be proven? It’s not science but art of fooling people. A good architecture is vastu, and people looting innocent. Just ask vastu Sashtri to recite a slok in Sanskrit and explain, ask his qualifications, you will be more qualified then him.

A science is proven methodology with assured results. Is Vastu a science or myth? People say that vastu is a science. A science like Physics and biology where discoveries by men have given modern science an edge over various human activities and to understand the nature. A door opening a north will certainly has a window in south. Will the energy from south will be restricted? Or how come you verify positive energy and negative energy. Its nothing but a pre conceived notions or hypnotised statement by so called vastu shahstris who ply with faith.

What qualifications a vastushashtri has? When there is no Vaastu shahstra in ancient methodology and there were no theorem proven. Its nothing but there own ideas based on common sense.

A Delhi Vastu Consultant was arguing with me about Vaastu. He invented GeoBio Vastu and he wants to convert entire world into peace and happy place with his science. Is London architecture based on vastu or is there any science developed by world famous British Architecture? Is White House was built under the influence of Vaastu advise?

Even if Vaastu is ancient science, which is not, why the modern scince adopt such myth? When we have Ayurveda, still people go for allopathic treatments. In Ayurveda there was hardly any surgery introduced but modern medical science have not only advanced in surgeries but also so many medicines were scoring over Ayurveda. Hence through ages, science also changes with new inventions and discoveries. A modern Architecture is using cement. Do any Vastu shahstra ever described cement. It was only Lime, Timber, stones and bricks used in ancient time. A modern Architecture can go up to 125 floor building which is modern science and not constructed on Vastu Principles which have never existed.

Its nothing but greed of some so called Vaastu Shahtries who have left their profession and jumped into Vastu Shahtra knowing that people have blind faith in methodology.

Your knowledge as to Vaastu as a science needs reference, who told you that vastushahtra is science, its you read somewhere or some vested interest Vaastu consultant hypnotized you or its your preconceived notions ? You decide.

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